Working drawings

    Shangri-La Construction can produce a ‘Working Drawing’ of what your construction will look like from different angles. We can work with you to ensure your new building is exactly what you imagine it to be.

    A working drawing gives both the client and Shangri-La Construction a clear picture of what you are aiming for and the end result.

    Structural drawings

    A structural drawing shows information about how a building will be constructed. This includes all details about foundations, walls, roofs and any other structural details. This information is vital to plan the construction of a new building.


    Services drawings

    Services drawings are designed to show how and where your utilities and services will be connected throughout the new building. This provides an important guide to our trades people who will implement these plans by connecting services such as power and water at the appropriate stage of construction.

    Civil drawings

    A civil drawing displays information about grading and drainage, landscaping, site improvements and anything else required surrounding the new building.

    Whilst the building itself is crucial it is also important to consider how the surrounding land will be presented to ensure the immediate surroundings are safe, comfortable and attractive.

    Building Permit

    Shangri-La Construction are experts at obtaining Building Permits. We can handle the entire process from submitting the required plans and documents, liaising with your local council to make alterations and ensuring your building permit is issued as quickly and easily as possible.

    We will always keep you informed throughout the entire process and obtain any further details from you where required.

    Once the building permit has been obtained – the construction of your new building can begin!

    Occupancy Permit

    Shangrila will organise a building surveyor to conduct a safety inspection and to confirm that the building is operational. Our team will provide you regular updates advising you about the timelines to obtain the Occupancy Permit.

    Handover with keys, compliance checklist, applicable warranties

    Once your building is fully finished to the standards that you require, Shangri-La Construction will finalise the build by handing over your new keys, providing you with a compliance checklist and all applicable warranties that you will need for your new building.

    All you need to do now is to enjoy your lovely new building!